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Affordability meets first-class technology with the new Motorola V171 - a value packed, voice-focused flip phone polished to perfection and designed to offer the features you need while staying on budget. While light and compact, the model V171 delivers a suite of services designed to provide connections on the go including a vibrant color display, enhanced messaging capabilities*, Internet access*, powerful talk and standby times, as well as preloaded games and downloadable* ringtones, wallpapers and screensavers. Looking to streamline your mobile lifestyle? The Motorola V171 is an ideal solution, providing durable, yet stylish mobile communications at a budget-pleasing price.


·Stylish, compact flip phone
·Vibrant, crisp color display capable of displaying up to 4,000 colors
·Superior talk (up to 348 - 633 minutes) and standby time (up to 155 - 340 hours)
·Musical ringtones come in crystal clear on a polyphonic speaker
·EMS, SMS and IM features for sending text, sounds, pictures and animations*
·GPRS technology and WAP 1.2.1
·iTAP predictive text entry in several languages for rapid messaging
·Preloaded games and downloadable screensavers and wallpaper for complete personalization*
·Alarm clock, calculator, currency converter and stop watch features to assist in a pinch
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